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The LEVELGRID Group is an international US-based merchant banking and investment firm with a specific focus on producing and actively managing direct investments in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, both as principal and on behalf of co-investors. The LEVELGRID Group is a fast-developing independent consultancy assisting clients with the initiation, facilitation and completion of transactions. At its inception in 2021, the group established offices in Las Vegas Nevada.

The group’s activities are founded upon the team’s operational, financial and business development  acumen, with an initial interest in the cybersecurity/IT industry.

The group focuses on doing transactions of businesses that are sectored or with a focus in cybersecurity information technology. The LEVELGRID Group is acquiring and/or conducting mergers of firms like Imperva, Inc., Fireeye, Inc., Norton LifeLock, Inc., CyberArk Software Ltd, Cisco Systems, Inc., Red Canary, Inc., Keeper Security, Inc., Crowdstrike, etc. The group innovates the mergers of two or more companies; thus Red Canary and Keeper Security becomes RC Keeper thanks to The LEVELGRID Group.

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